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Dog Fouling on Cambridge Estate

by Sandy on 4 December, 2011

Now that the dark winter nights have returned there seems to have been an increase in dog fouling (again) on the Cambridge estate.

I have today written to Leeds City Council asking them the following questions;

1) Who are able to enforce penalties ie. Dog Wardens, PCSO’s, Council Officers etc

2) When was the last 3 visits to the estate by dog wardens

3) A request for more ‘No Dog Fouling’ signs & ‘Dog Waste’ bins

If you see someone allowing their dog to foul please (do not put your safety at risk doing so) and wish to report the matter, gather the following details;

1) take some details of the offender; their gender, height, approx age, address (if known), car number plate if in car

2) details of the dog; colour, breed, distinguishing marks

3) note the time and place the incident occurred

4) Do they normally walk the dog at the same or similar time of day

This information can then be passed to Leeds City Council by either telephoning 0113 222 4407 or by emailing them on Further details are available from the City Council website here

Lets hope that together we can eliminate dog fouling from the estate .



2 Responses

  1. Ann Whitehead says:

    Hi Sandy

    Whilst I live in Myers Croft, which is not on the Cambridge Estate, I know that the problem of dog fouling is long standing within Otley. I have not owned a dog for a few years but have always been a responsible dog owner, ie I had a poop scooper with smelly bags that I used to retrieve my dog’s droppings and then put the contents into the toilet at home so that it went into the foul drainage as does human waste. The problem of dog fouling is ultimately the responsibility of the dog owners. Some years ago, prior to Sainsbury’s store being built, the access path from Myers Croft to Bondgate was so treacherous vis a vis dog fouling that John and I made a wooden sign named “Dog Poo Alley” and nailed it onto a post at the top of said alley. It was there for only a day – some incensed ‘dog lover’ tore it down and broke in two. True dog lovers act responsibly. They train their dogs in obedience and social interaction with human beings from day one. They take them for long runs, not just a quick relief down “Dog Poo Alley”.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Ann, couldn’t agree more. The vast majority of owners are responsible and take their poo home, sadly the small minority continue to spoil it for all

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