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Local Councillor Welcomes New Appointment to Ashfield Primary School, Otley

by Sandy on 2 December, 2014

Cllr Sandy Lay (Lib Dem, Otley & Yeadon) has welcomed the appointment of a new Headteacher to succeed current Headteacher Mrs Sybil Parker.

‘I’m really pleased that Ashfield has, following an extensive, robust and vigorous process, appointed current Assistant Headteacher Mrs Elspeth Warren as its new Head’

A team of five Governor’s, three of whom are Parent Givernor’s, undertook the two day process last week and fed back to a meeting of the Full Governor body last Tuesday. Governor’s were able to question, challenge and deliberate the panel’s decision and voted unanimously for Mrs Warren’s appointment.

Cllr Lay went on to say ‘as a governor at the school I want to personally thank the five Governor’s for their time and to wish Mrs Parker every happiness, health and joy in her retirement. Over seven years Sybil has transformed Ashfield into the excellent community school that it is’.

Mrs Warren takes over as Head following a number of years as its Assistant Head. ‘I also want to wish Elspeth every success. I know she cares deeply about the school and all its children and will continue its excellent progress that the school has made under Mrs Parker’.

Mrs Warren will follow on from Mrs Parker at the beginning of the Summer term.

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