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Ashfield PS #Otley Partial Closure – Monday 12th January

by Sandy on 10 January, 2015

Just in case some Ashfield parents haven’t been made aware of Monday’s partial closure here is the note sent by Mrs Parker to the School Governor’s.
Unfortunately we have a gas leak in the boiler house relating to the main boiler. It needs a new part which we are hoping will come on Monday.
The school will be closed to EY, Y1, Y3, Y4 and Orchard. It will be open for Y2, Y5 and y6 as they have separate boilers. The kitchen can stay open as the hot water is not affected.

I have tried to access portable heaters but nobody could supply anything that was safe enough for the children. I spoke to the authority and their advice was to partially close. They have promised to chase the heating company from their end to see if we can get it fixed to reopen on Tuesday.

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