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Emergency Works Affecting #Otley Bridge

by Sandy on 30 June, 2016

Emergency Works Affecting the Bridge (see below) Please share to maximise communication.


Dear Cllr Lay


I have just returned from a meeting on site at Billiams Hill, Otley with Northern Power Grid who have identified a high voltage power fault which requires urgent repair.


The power supply is being maintained at the moment via a secondary back up system but if this faults then the majority of the power to the north side Otley will be lost, including the hospital.


The repair works will be carried out in the footpath and will involve a large excavation in the northern footpath of the bridge near to the stepped entrance to the park. (see plan at bottom of this email)


Once works begin the footpath will have to be closed, pedestrian barriers removed and a temporary walkway provided in the carriageway of the bridge itself


This means that two way lights will be in operation on the bridge to manage traffic


Northern Power Grid’s contractors have said that they can hold off until tonight at the latest.


This , at least, means that this evening’s peak can be avoided.


They will monitor the situation throughout the day but if the situation becomes critical they will begin works immediately.


All being well, they will set up the traffic management tonight after 18.30 and start works. The majority of the noisy excavation work should be complete by 21.00 but I have asked for an NPG representative to visit the nearby houses today to make them aware of the situation and of what to expect tonight.


The final section of the repair is expected to begin first thing in the morning and hopefully be complete by 13.00. They will then begin reinstatement to the path and get open it back up again as soon as possible


Unfortunately this means that the lights will still be in place through tomorrow mornings peak.


They are hopeful that they can take the lights down before 15.30 tomorrow afternoon however this could change if they encounter difficulties during the repair


We are aware that Friday is Market day in Otley so delays should be expected


NPG’s contractors have agreed to manually operate the lights from 07.00 tomorrow until the works are complete in an attempt to manage the queues as efficiently as possible



This is an unfortunate position we find ourselves in but given the nature and location of the problem our options to avoid disruption to the network are limited

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